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Victoria, B.C.

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Tel:  250 920 8010
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Clinic Care - Mon and Thurs 9am - 2pm​

Scanlan Physiotherapy provides a comprehensive range of physiotherapy treatments in a clinic based setting at the SOMA Active Health Centre in Fernwood. She has 14 years of experiece working in physiotherapy clinics focusing primarily on orthopaedic conditions.

At SOMA Health, Annmarie is able to provide you with an in- depth mechanical assessment of your injury / condition.  She is highly trained and skilled in manual therapy. Annmarie also practices Intramuscular stimulation (Gunn IMS) which is an intense, deep form of needling that stimulates chronically shortened muscles and facilitates release of those muscles. Her treatments can combine manual therapy, IMS and strengthening to ensure development of new patterns of movements and posture.

Annmarie is specialized in orthopaedic physiotherapy and treats all joints, muscles and nerve injuries.  She has particular interest in treating the neck and back, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and sacroiliac joints.

Annmarie enjoys educating her clients for their full understanding of their condition and steps and timelines for rehabilitation. 

If you would like to book an appointment, please book online at or call Annmarie directly at 250-920-8010.